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My Cosmetic Acupuncture experience was something I will carry on into the new year, not only did it make me feel more confident, my skin looks firmer and lines less noticeable and my well being also benefited as I have more energy. It was a very relaxing experience
SS Norwich
I was extremely pleased with my course of acupuncture. Lily is a lovely lady who is very professional and extremely knowledgeable... I would really recommend having a treatment with her
WS Norwich
I have seen Lily for a least four months now, an excellent therapist, Iā€™d recommend anyone to see her. Very attentive and caring. Many thanks.
SS Norwich
Thanks for the treatment with Lily in June for my knee. It seemed to do the trick on the second visit. Then coming back a third time, it was needed on my back which was also successful. Wishing you every success.
HA Norwich
Lily has been treating me, she is very attentive and is very knowledgeable. Lily has also provided information which has been useful. Great improvement to my problem - thank you!
SG Norwich
I have been very impressed with the treatment I have received. The staff are lovely, especially Lily. Well done.
JH Norwich
I have benefited from a six week course of acupuncture - very thorough and professional. Distinct improvement all round ā€” specifically with breathing and lungs, general spirit and peace, plus help with weak joints. Much appreciated.
MW Norwich
Lily has really given me excellent treatment. I have had three treatments and the difference after the first one. I am really very impressed and would recommend the treatment. With many, many thanks for giving me the opportunity. Thank you!
DR Norwich
I have been treated by Lily who has been brilliant. She has made me feel completely at ease and helped me to relax, and I think all my ailments are improving as a result of the acupuncture. So all-in-all, would definitely recommend Acupuncture to anyone ā€” in fact, I have been recommending it!
JW Norwich