How Acupuncture can help with Autumn/Winter Conditions and our £5 Gift Voucher for you!

Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D)


The cause of S.A.D is not fully understood, however it is thought that sunlight stimulates the hypothalamus part of the brain which controls serotonin production and effects our mood, appetite and sleep, in the winter this production is inhibited.  This is where acupuncture can come in as a great treatment during the winter months. Studies indicate that acupuncture can have a specific positive effect on depression by altering the brain’s mood chemistry, increasing the production of serotonin and endorphins.  Acupuncture also increases white blood cells, boosting the immune system; which benefits everyone in the winter months and strengthens the body’s resistance to catching colds and flu.  Acupuncture works by regulating the meridians or channels of the body to unblock the stagnation of qi (energy), regaining balance and harmony within the body.


Back Pain


Back Pain is experienced by most people at some point in their lives, acute or chronic it can be an annoyance for suffers and can end up effecting day to day activities, sleep and work.  Currently, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends considering acupuncture as a treatment option for chronic lower back pain, chronic tension type and migraines. NICE makes these recommendations on the basis of scientific evidence.




There's a lot to love about winter; breathing crisp air, sipping hot chocolate, however; people with arthritis believe cold weather makes their condition worse.  In the UK around 10 million people have arthritis.  Gentle local needling around painful joints such as the knees and hands can help range of movement in the joints, and may help with chronic pain and reduce inflammation.




"I have been treated by Lily who has been brilliant. She has made me feel completely at ease and helped me to relax, and I think all my ailments are improving as a result of the acupuncture. So all-in-all, would definitely recommend Acupuncture to anyone — in fact, I have been recommending i


JW Norwich


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Lily Bayliss BSc (Hons) MBAcC on 09/10/2015

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